4th of July Elixir

A barrel aged snippet of song

There has always been oddity and turmoil around the 4th of July holiday in my life. Each year becomes its own unique entry in a very strange saga.

One of my favorites, though, was when I was walking along a pebbly beach with my guitar and a small girl came wandering by, enamored with my presence. She was bold and stopped to ask me about my guitar. I felt honored that I had made such a strong impression on this young girl, maybe ten years old or so. She told me her name was Isabella.

It was a very meaningful exchange. It happened on the 4th of July one summer on the south shore of Lake Erie somewhere near Lorain.

It felt like a declaration of independence, me teaching this girl she could also wander about with a guitar someday too if she wanted to, to play music and be free to roam.

Such a lovely day that was.

Now back to these weird American traditions.

Sure, as Americans, we should certainly celebrate declarations of independence as peoples of a sovereign nation. We should also protect our democracy from the ground up if we want this holiday to continue to have any meaning at all.

As it is now, we have a holiday with strange expectations of performing perfunctory ceremonial pomp while consuming a lot of consumables. The standard American fare of mediocre food, beer, wine while amusing ourselves by watching a smattering of explosives — it’s kind of weird.

So seven years ago on a 4th of July, I recorded this snippet of song. It may evolve into something larger one day, but for now it is my five year barrel aged instrumental guitar groove I’ve since named as a 4th of July Elixir.

Something to transform the holiday into something more… meaningful.

Whatever that might mean to you.

Essay 017 of the 0100 series.

© Dawn Nelson, 2022. All Rights Reserved.



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