Purple Heart and the Dark Prince

Another dispatch from the edge of a city.

Recently I received a heartfelt gift from someone who is now angry with me.

He wasn’t angry at the time of the gift, rather it was a development that followed a couple weeks after. Kind of a shame, because just the other day a hummingbird came along to visit the Purple Heart and Dark Prince.

I would have told him about the hummingbird, but we’re not talking at the moment. It’s more peaceful this way for now, so I don’t mind.

But before he became angry with me (which I still don’t quite understand) we went to a greenhouse to find a new plant for me. We found this unique and lovely plant called Purple Heart draped elegantly in a basket. He was the first to find it and suggest perhaps this was the one. I wanted to look around a bit more but had a feeling he was right.

We wandered about and I found a shelf of succulents. A tiny one in particular seemed to be shouting at me to pick it up, so I did. I called it my baby yoda plant. Later I learned it is called Dark Prince.

So, randomly, this gift of two new plants just so happened to be called Purple Heart and the Dark Prince. Purely serendipitous, which makes it all the more fun. It’s too bad he is still angry with me. But I did have a chance to share this bit of naming news with him, which he was able to appreciate as much as me. A tiny bit of loveliness, like a flower amidst a cynical sea.

The Dark Prince backdropped by the Purple Heart. Photo by author, © Dawn Nelson.

So now I need to find a new pot for the Purple Heart. Fortunately I know just where to go — back to the Bonsai garden to find something that will work. Which means I also get to visit the coy fish and pet them like dogs.

The coy fish at the Bonsai garden. Photo by author, © Dawn Nelson.
The Bonsai greenhouse. It appears there is Purple Heart under the table. Photo by author, © Dawn Nelson.

In sum, that’s two greenhouse gardens, two birds, two plants, and some fish.

Because there is one more bird to add to this story.

It was a little yellow bird that perched at the edge of the greenhouse as we were leaving after picking up the Purple Heart and Dark Prince. For a fleeting moment we paused to observe the tiny being of bright yellow. I thought about the multitude of birds along the coast of Lake Erie, as there are so many species that fly through there. I think it was an oriole.

Later, after returning home, I saw another bird of the same kind, perched in the tall grass at the edge of the pond. I almost didn’t see him at first, but managed to get a few photos after I spotted him.

The little yellow bird of hope. Photo by author, © Dawn Nelson.

A symbol of hope, I suppose, as I care for my Purple Heart and Dark Prince.

Little yellow bird of hope in flight. Photo by author, © Dawn Nelson.

Essay 019 of the 0100 series.

© Dawn Nelson, 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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Dawn Nelson

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