Quiet Full Moon Night

Yet a storm soon.

Dawn Nelson
2 min readJun 14, 2022
A darker night sky as a storm passes over on a full moon night. Photo by author.

This quiet evening is a stage for the entrance of the full moon.

To the west there is a storm soon to blow in. The meteorologists have issued weather warnings that indicate we might experience a derecho overnight.

I can see the tree tops moving around more fluidly as I write this. This is the calm before the storm. Advisories detail the wisdom of making sure devices are charged and to unplug things from outlets to minimize any impact from a power outage. At least I already finished my laundry.

I had ambitious plans to leave my apartment today and run some errands. Instead, I decided against it, because sometimes I just need to stay in and enjoy domesticity. Kind of a self preservation mechanism. At least my apartment will be clean before we lose power, if that happens.

I can feel the breeze streaming its way through the rooms. The night air is cooler now than it was earlier in the day. The weather services report the next several days will harbor a heat wave. This will also likely keep me inside. For now, it is nice to open up the windows and let the cool air circulate as I listen to the storm rumble in the distance.

Frogs chirp happily near the pond. The rich and full sound of nature before the rain is soothing. The full moon peaks through the clouds here and there; a heavenly, glowing contrast on the dark, night blue sky.

Sometimes it is enough to appreciate the sound and beauty of the earth as it moves through the night.

A quiet and moody full moon night. Photo by author.

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