this is what reading about 17th and 18th century feminists will do

(at the risk of inviting biting criticism, let me share a few words I wrote a while back in approximately September of 2018)

While I may repeat myself at length in my own writing, I appreciate how well I manage to squelch contemporary news flows and focus on my own philosophical inquiry. I am compelled to state that it is no longer misogyny from men I am most concerned about, it is misogyny from women, and particularly along class lines.

I have been reading a number of articles about what often happens to women in the workplace when they are older, or perhaps single parents, or any combination of factors that ultimately lead them to “opt-out” of the work force because they are treated so poorly.

It makes me question whether there really is a liberation movement for women (at least in the US), or whether what is called modern feminism is really a masquerade for egotistical behavior (or, a woman’s performance of toxic masculinity) that has absolutely nothing to do with genuine feminist liberation. Consequently, what is considered feminism in a colloquial sense is not feminist at all. A confusion of concepts with sharp repercussions for those who do not read between the lines.

Duly note that mainstream conceptions of feminism are largely dominated by middle and upper class white women’s experiences and perspectives — it is my opinion that it is in Black feminist literature where real liberation can be found. For my purposes here, when I criticize modern feminism — it is a criticism of privileged white women’s dominant discourse.

In any case, I will come back to this topic periodically with articles and research I have found on this topic more broadly as it relates to the work environment (like this article on workplace bullying and research from the Workplace Bullying Institute). If you know of some insightful reading on how women police each other and create their own class-enforced glass walls and ceilings, please do share.

(…and, of course, Covid-19 has complicated the matter with the gendered shutdown of the workforce).



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